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Miss Joanna

Miss Joanna started with the Tinton Falls Cooperative Preschool as a parent in the Mommy and Me class in 2015. She has subsequently been a co-oping parent, lunch bunch facilitator, and substitute and in 2022 began working as a teacher's assistant in both the 3/4- and 4/5-year-old classrooms. Miss Joanna has a degree in Health Service Administration and previously worked as the Director of Sales and Marketing for an NY-based insurance company. She is the mother to 3 children, two of whom are neurodiverse. Miss Joanna is also a co-founder and committee member of the Tinton Falls Special Education Parent Advisory Group.

"I have always been passionate about identifying how each individual child learns best and supporting them along that path. Each child is unique, developing and growing at their own pace and with their own particular interests. By embracing the whole child, you enable them to thrive and establish the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. I am thankful each and every day to have the opportunity to play with, teach, and watch the children at TFCP learn and grow. "

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