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Mrs. Ellen Goldberg

Ellen Goldberg is a certified preschool to 8th-grade teacher who attended college at the University of Maryland.  She taught elementary education in grades 3 and 4, and most of her career in 5th grade.  She also taught preschool for one year early on in her career.  Both of her sons attended preschool at the TFCP in the 1990s.  Mrs. Goldberg also taught exercise classes when she was younger and regularly participates in classes at the local gym.  She is an avid skier, bicycle rider, walker, and swimmer. 


Mrs. Goldberg has been married to her husband for 34 years.  She also is a passionate dog lover, environmentalist, and a member of the library board in Tinton Falls.  Mrs. Goldberg has been a member of Monmouth Reform Temple for about 30 years and she teaches 8th and 9th graders once a week and has done this for the past 6 years.  She enjoys her time at TFCP and especially loves the staff and the children.

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